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About NaturalCures.com

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Our Mission Statement: To positively impact the whole person.


NaturalCures.com is the ultimate place to get the information you need to know, and the answers to the questions that you have about health, nutrition, and natural remedies.


You do not have to be sick. You do not have to suffer any longer.


Our goal is to have this website counteract the misinformation about health that is on other websites. Most other health websites are actually funded all or in part, by the pharmaceutical industry. Our mission is to have this website be the ultimate source of alternative all natural health information.

Inside NaturalCures.com, you will find:

  • The current Natural Cures Monthly Newsletter, with up-to-date breakthrough health information.
  • All back issues of the Natural Cures Monthly Newsletter for you to reference and get information that was previously written about.
  • A list of books, DVD’s, and CD’s that we recommend with information that is being suppressed, regarding natural cures.
  • A section dedicated entirely to helping you lose weight and keep it off forever.
  • A section entirely dedicated on how to prevent every disease.
  • A section entirely dedicated to the natural cures for every individual disease. This is a major section in our website. Every single disease is listed with a complete explanation of that disease in simple, easy to understand terms, and a list of all the natural remedies that can handle and cure these diseases. Additionally, a list of the best alternative licensed health care practitioners that specialize in the natural treatment of these diseases. This section will be constantly updated as new discoveries become known.
  • There is a section dedicated entirely to cleanses, updating you on information on Candida cleanses, colon cleanses, full-body cleanses, liver cleanses, and gall bladder cleanses.
  • pH test procedure section. This section gives you the entire procedure to do your pH testing.
  • One of the most significant aspects of our website is the ability for you to write me personally with any question you may have and get an informed and unbiased answer, from either myself or a licensed health care practitioner.
  • An extensive database of alternative health care practitioners. This is another major important section in this website. You can find thousands of alternative all natural health care practitioners, what they specialize in, what therapies they use, and most importantly, read comments from people who have used these therapies and visited these practitioners and hear what other people have to say. In my review sections you will be exposed to and be warned of the health, vitamin, mineral, and food supplement rip offs.Each and every month my staff and I will be reviewing dozens of alternative health newsletters and magazines and summarizing contents in my monthly newsletter section. It is important to know that virtually every single alternative health newsletter or magazine has potentially biased information. They virtually all accept advertising money, which means the articles are heavily influenced by the advertisers. The majority of these people who have “newsletters” sell supplements and, in fact, their newsletters are not newsletters at all but rather, just sales letters to get you to buy their supplements. Although many of these supplements are very good, many of them are scams and a waste of money.

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