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If you’ve ever had to wait to see a doctor, you’ll know how frustrating, not to mention expensive, the whole process can be – and then you’re rushed out of the door in mere minutes. We’re hoping to change all that with our brand new ‘Ask the Doctor’ service, which puts you in touch with a team of doctors who’re ready and waiting to answer your queries.

Avoid Expensive Doctors’ Fees and Script Charges

Visiting a doctor can be expensive; script charges can set you back a fortune and you may come away feeling more worried than before you went in.  Plus, waiting to see a doctor in the first place can seem like an age – one of the NaturalCures team recently booked in for an appointment and was told she’d have to wait three weeks at the earliest! How is this acceptable? Our Ask the Doctor service will put a stop to annoyances like that.

And with ObamaCare set to fully kick in on January 1 next year (2014), it’s time to turn to us – we really ‘care’ about your health and wellbeing.

An Answer to Your Health Question in Three Business Days!

Simply type in a health-related question – anything you like – into the box below, hit ‘send’ and wait. You’ll receive a reply within just three business days direct to your inbox – it’s as simple as that.

This amazing service is yours for less than the price of a couple of Starbuck’s or Tim Horton’s coffees per month – because it is all part of your NaturalCures’ membership! Once you are a NaturalCures’ member, this will be just one of the many fantastic benefits available to you.

Our Doctors Are Ready and Waiting for Your Questions

The Ask the Doctorservice puts you in touch with a team of doctors ready and waiting to answer your queries. And of course, there’ll be no fobbing you off with a script for an expensive, over-the-counter drug with harmful side effects that could leave you feeling worse off than before you started.

You’ll get sound and accurate advice to treat your condition – naturally. There’ll be no harsh side effects, no costly scripts and no waiting in line again. What a great perk of your NaturalCures monthly membership!

So go on, ask a question today and look forward to a new, healthier you. Not a NaturalCures member yet? No worries! Sign up today and start enjoying fantastic benefits such as the ‘Ask the Doctor’ service. What are you waiting for?

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