Frequently Asked Questions about Healthy Eating, Organic Foods and Cleanses

Frequently Asked Questions about healthy eating, organic foods and cleanses



We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive regarding healthy eating, organic foods, dieting and cleansing. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to give you an answer to your question.

Q. Can I ever eat a cheeseburger again or go to a fast-food restaurant?

A. Yes, you can eat cheeseburgers, french fries, ice cream, cookies, cakes, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy—virtually everything, as long as you make it at home and all the ingredients are 100-percent organic. You can eat virtually anything and everything (with some exceptions) as long as it’s certified organic. You can eat beef, cheese, butter, milk, cream, eggs, lamb, chicken, duck, mashed potatoes, french fries, onion rings, ice cream, cookies, cake, chocolate, you name it—as long as it’s organic. No, you can’t go to fast-food restaurants. That’s the one thing you categorically cannot do if you want to cure yourself of disease and remain healthy. Fast-food restaurants use chemical ingredients in the growing, processing, and manufacture of their “food.” It’s the chemicals in the food that are making you sick. It is also the lack of nutrients in their food that gives you nutritional deficiencies that makes you sick. It is also the outrageous amount of free radicals and other “bad stuff” in the food that is making you sick, and it’s also all the energetically altered food that they use that is making you sick.

Q. How come you don’t talk about calories, fats, protein, or carbohydrates?

A. Everyone talks about calories, fats, protein, carbohydrates, sodium, and things of this nature. The fact of the matter is they are important, but not very important when compared to the chemicals and poisons put into the food. What is more important than calories or fats and carbohydrates is the chemical fertilizers used in the food, the pesticides used in the food, the fact that the food is picked early and then gassed, the fact that the food is genetically modified and manufactured in an unnatural way, the processing methods that are used, the irradiation that was used, the actual thousands of chemicals that are put in processed food to make it taste better and give it certain textures, preserve it, or specifically designed to get you chemically and physically addicted to the food, increase your appetite and make you fat. This is what is more important than the amount of calories, or the amount of fat, or the amount of carbohydrates. That’s what everyone is missing.

Q. You mentioned that microwave ovens are bad. What about convection ovens?

A. Microwave ovens should never be used. In Natural Cures opinion, eating food that comes out of a microwave is one of the causes of disease. Convection ovens are standard ovens where the heat is simply moved with a fan. These are fine. Infrared ovens are also okay.

Q. Why is a liver cleanse so important?

A. Doing a colon cleanse and a liver/gallbladder cleanse are two very important things if you want to cure yourself of disease. It is important to know that the liver is the major fat burning organ in the body. The liver is the only organ that can pump fat out of the body, and the liver is the filter and cleanser of the bloodstream. Every single person, in my opinion, has a sluggish liver. If your liver is sluggish you cannot burn fat properly, you cannot get fat out of the body properly, and you cannot filter and clean your blood properly. Therefore, if you have a sluggish liver you are absolutely guaranteeing yourself illness and disease. Your liver is sluggish because of all the chemicals and toxins in the food that you eat, and all the nonprescription and prescription drugs. Most notably, if you are on cholesterol-reducing drugs, you absolutely have a sluggish liver. If you have ever taken an antibiotic in your life, the antibiotic has killed the friendly flora in your intestine, causing a Candida yeast overgrowth, which always goes and attacks the liver. When you do a liver cleanse, almost everyone feels so much better they can’t believe the difference.

Q. Is fast food really that bad?

A. Fast food categorically, 100 percent, causes illness and disease, including cancer, diabetes, and a host of other major health problems. Fast food categorically makes you fat. Fast food is purposely produced with chemical additives that are designed specifically to increase your appetite, get you physically and chemically addicted to their food, and make you fat. The fast-food industry is in effect causing illness and disease, and knowingly doing so. Lawyers for McDonald’s state that the dangers of its food are universally known! McDonald’s itself stated in legal papers that it’s a matter of common knowledge that any processing that its foods undergo serve to make them more harmful than unprocessed foods! An example is McNuggets. These were originally made from old chickens that could no longer lay eggs. Now they are made from chickens that have unusually large breasts, a kind of genetically altered and produced animal. The manufacturing process includes stripping the meat from the bone and grinding it up in a sort of mash. It is then combined with a host of preservatives, stabilizers, and other chemicals, pressed into shapes, breaded, deep-fried, freeze-dried, and then shipped to McDonald’s. Judge Robert Sweet termed them a McFrankenstein creation of various elements not utilized by the home cook!

To point this out even further, I would encourage you to view the movie Supersize Me. It is available on DVD. This is absolutely a must watch by every person who eats at fast-food restaurants. In this documentary one of the most amazing things was examined. What if a person ate only McDonald’s food for thirty days? What would happen? Could just thirty days of eating McDonald’s food cause any medical problem? Could just thirty days of eating McDonald’s food cause a massive weight gain? Could just thirty days of eating McDonald’s food cause disease and illness? Certainly no doctor would believe that simply eating McDonald’s food for thirty days would cause any medical or health problems. This documentary shows the truth. The man had his blood work tested before, during, and after his experiment. He had his weight checked. In just thirty days, the medical doctors were dumbfounded and astonished by what happened to this man’s body. In just thirty days of eating McDonald’s food this man gained twentyfive pounds. In just thirty days! But it’s worse than that. He started at only 185 pounds, so he gained almost 20 percent of his original body weight. No doctor could believe it.

I can believe it because I know that McDonald’s, like every other fast-food restaurant, in my opinion, is purposely putting ingredients in the food to get you physically addicted to the food, increase your appetite, and make you fat. This movie certainly makes one believe that it is absolutely true. From a health standpoint, the doctors were again astonished. His liver virtually turned to fat. His cholesterol shot up sixty-five points. His body-fat percentage went from 11 to over 18 percent. He nearly doubled his risk of coronary heart disease. He felt depressed and exhausted most of the time. His moods swung on a dime, and his sex life became virtually non existent. He craved this McDonald’s food more and more when he ate it, and he got massive headaches when he didn’t! The doctor said if kept on this diet, he would definitely develop coronary artery disease, inflammation and hardening of the liver, probably develop dozens of various illnesses and diseases and would certainly die an early death.

The doctors who did the blood work could not believe how this man was, in effect, dying in just thirty days! They couldn’t believe it because they were only looking at calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and sodium. They weren’t considering the “trans fats.” They weren’t considering how the food has been genetically produced. They weren’t considering how the food was energetically destroyed and was toxic to the body. They weren’t considering all the food processing chemicals and additives used in this food. That’s the reason why this man became so sick in such a short period of time. This is why you need to know that if you are sick and are eating food from fast-food restaurants, or from publicly traded corporations, they are in fact making you sick. It is the poisons, chemicals, additives and energetic altering of the food that’s making you ill.

Let me point out a few other things from this documentary in relation to fast food. Fast-food restaurants, like all food manufacturers, have only one legal objective and that is to increase profits. They increase profits by getting more of your money. They increase profits by selling you more and more food. One of the ways they do this is increasing the portion size. Keeping in mind that in order for any of these techniques to work they have to make the food so that it becomes chemically addicting to you; therefore, you crave it and need to eat it. They have to make the food actually increase your appetite so you eat more, and they have to make the food cause you to become obese, that way you will continue to buy more and more food.

When french fries were first sold at McDonald’s there was one size. That size french fries is now the “small.” McDonald’s also has a medium, a large, and a super-size. The original size is still there, but no one ever orders it. The difference is the original size was 200 calories, but the super-size is over 600 calories. When Burger King first opened they sold a twelve-ounce small soda and a sixteen-ounce large soda. Today, the twelve-ounce soda is called “kiddy”; the sixteen-ounce is no longer a large, it is now the “small.” They have a medium, which is thirty-two ounces, and a forty-two ounce size. This is pretty much across the board at all fast-food restaurants. In the movie Supersize Me it was mentioned that cars have introduced larger cup holders to accommodate those huge 7-Eleven double gulps, which are sixty-four ounces, a full half gallon, and hold anywhere from 600 to 800 calories. Just imagine, a half gallon of soda for one person. That is forty-eight teaspoons of sugar.

Fast-food restaurants are also involved in some of the most devious advertising campaigns ever put in the public domain. This is similar to what happened in the tobacco industry. As discussed in the documentary ‘Supersize Me’, a secret study by one of the tobacco companies was about brand imprinting for later acquisition in life! What this means is the tobacco companies would produce things such as toy cigarettes, so that a child at age four, five, or six would play smoke them. The theory was even though the little child had no real knowledge of what they were doing, that they were imprinting in their memory the act of smoking. Then when they get to the age where they’re allowed to smoke, without even realizing it, they are going for that pack and they recognize it because they had those nice feelings when they were a kid.

The same goes with children at the playgrounds at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King. They bring the children in, they have fun, they have warm fuzzy feelings, and then later in life they relive those feelings when they go to their fast-food restaurant. This is being done purposely by the fast-food industry to increase sales down the road. You have to understand, the fast-food industry is spending millions of dollars researching ways to get people to buy their products. Kids who eat in fast-food restaurants as little as three times a week have elevated abnormal liver function tests. Under a microscope the livers have evidence of scaring of the liver, fibrosis of the liver, and early states of sclerosis. This is all caused by fast food.

I also encourage you strongly to read the book ‘Fast Food Nation’ so you can see just how bad fast food really is, not only for your health, but for society in general. Think about this: The average American child sees 10,000 food advertisements per year on TV alone. Ninety-five percent of those are for sugared cereals, soft drinks, fast food, and candy. It’s not a fair fight. The food industry has the money and the clout to brainwash our children into buying their products, giving us disease and illness. The scary thing is when children are shown pictures of such people as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, George Bush, and Jesus Christ, they generally have no idea who these people are. But when they are shown a picture of Ronald McDonald, every single one knows his name. And the sad part is they believe that he is a “good man” who is helping children. This is how the food industry misleads and brainwashes our kids.

Think about this, as discussed in the movie ‘Supersize Me’: companies spend billions of dollars making sure you know about their product. In 2001 on direct media advertising alone, that’s radio, television, and print, McDonald’s spent $1.4 billion worldwide getting you to buy their products. On direct media advertising Pepsi spent more than $1 billion. To advertise its candy Hershey Foods spent almost $200 million. In its peak year, the five-a-day fruit and vegetable campaign had a total advertising budget, in all media, of just $2 million—100 times less than just the direct media budget of one candy company. We are being bombarded by the food industry with lies, deceptions, and brainwashing, getting us to believe their products are healthy and good for us—and it’s working. Think about the way food is marketed: teeshirts, coupons, toys for children, giveaways in fast-food places, and placemats, and all the different ways to get you to buy food. The most heavily advertised foods are the most consumed. There is no surprise. Whoever spends the most money on advertising sells the most food. Think about this scary fact, the majority of people tested could not recite the Pledge of Allegiance; however, almost all of them could sing the Big Mac song…two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese…

You are probably singing it right now! The scariest thing to me is how fast food is in effect being sold in schools. When you look at the school lunch programs, it is absolutely appalling. Again, watch the movie ‘Supersize Me’ to get the full story. The most appalling observation is there is huge resistance from junkfood companies that make huge profits off of the schools. Junk-food companies do not want to get kicked out of the school system. They want to be there to addict the children and have them as customers for life. This points out many things. Major food manufacturers know their foods are dangerous, and deadly, and cause harm to the body. They don’t care. They are specifically targeting children because as large publicly traded corporations they have only one objective, which is to make and increase profit. Therefore, they will do anything, and hurt anyone, and destroy people’s lives, and virtually give people disease and illness, all in the name of increasing profits. These food companies are demanding that soda machines and junk food be sold in schools, and will do everything they can to increase the usage of their products by these kids; therefore, giving these kids guaranteed illness and disease. The motivation for profit is unbelievable, overwhelming, and consuming to these corporations.

Back to McDonald’s, consider this—as I mentioned, McDonald’s, in Natural Cures opinion, is manufacturing food that is in effect like a drug. All fast-food companies and junk-food manufacturers ideally want you to be physically addicted to their food, just like a drug dealer wants you to become physically addicted to his drug. They also want you to have an increased appetite for their food. This is why, in Natural Cures opinion, these companies have spent millions of dollars in secret laboratories producing chemical additives that purposely are put into the food that get you physically chemically addicted to the food, increase your appetite, and make you fat.

In internal documents at McDonald’s Corporation it is said to call people who eat their food at least once a week “heavy users!” If you eat at McDonald’s once a week you are a “heavy user,” just like a drug addict! Seventy-two percent of the people who eat at McDonald’s are heavy users. They also have another category, the “super heavy user.” These people eat their food three, four, five times a week and up. Twenty-two percent of the people who eat at McDonald’s are super heavy users. From the movie ‘Supersize Me’ it stated if you look at the menu at a fast-food restaurant they use all the addicting components. They’ll take a slab of meat, cover it with cheese, and then serve it with a sugary soda, which has the addictive powers of sugar with plenty of added caffeine. Give this to a twelve-year-old kid and his brain is no match for that chemical combination.

Natural Cures wondered about the health of the 22 percent of people who ate at McDonald’s three, four, five times a week and up. In our observations we found that these people are riddled with disease. We found that people who eat at McDonalds three times a week or more have the highest chance of getting cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, acid reflux, constipation, sleep disorders, depression, eczema, dandruff, and a host of other medical disorders. We’re sure McDonald’s will violently disagree with our observations. Remember, the food industry is a massive business. As we mentioned, it uses lobbyists in Washington to make sure that no government agency ever says eat less of its products, and to make sure that the government never passes any legislation that is unfavorable or could hurt the company’s or industry’s profits. So the bottom-line answer to the question is absolutely never eat in a fast-food restaurant. And, again, we would encourage you to watch the movie ‘Supersize Me’ and read the book ‘Fast Food Nation’.

Q. Are we really full of toxins, and will doing the cleanses really prevent and cure diseases as serious as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease?

A. Absolutely yes. Every single person has massive amounts of toxic poison material in their body causing illness and disease. Yes, by simply doing a colon cleanse, a liver/gallbladder cleanse, a kidney/ bladder cleanse, a heavy metal cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a Candida cleanse, and a full-body fat cleanse you can absolutely prevent yourself from ever getting sick, as well as cure yourself of even the most horrible diseases. Yes, simply doing cleanses is one of the “natural cures” that they don’t want you to know about.
Let’s do a little test. Let’s give you a questionnaire so you can see just how toxic you are. Answer each question yes or no. If you answer yes to over twenty questions, you are highly toxic.

  1. I have taken antibiotics in my life.
  2. I have gotten vaccines.
  3. I have taken in my life aspirin, or Tylenol, or ibuprofen, or other over-the-counter pain medication.
  4. I shower and/or bathe in regular tap water.
  5. I drink water out of the tap.
  6. I have been in a swimming pool where chlorine was used.
  7. I use a cellular telephone without any electromagnetic chaos protection.
  8. I use a laptop computer with a wireless device.
  9. I watch TV.
  10. I own and watch a high-definition television.
  11. I use a wireless telephone in my house.
  12. I use a remote control for my television or other electronic appliances.
  13. I have a satellite television.
  14. I drive in a car every day.
  15. I drive in heavy traffic.
  16. I use hair dyes.
  17. I use fingernail polish.
  18. I use makeup and cosmetics.
  19. I use moisturizers, body lotions, and sunscreens on my skin.
  20. I use air fresheners in my house.
  21. I use bug spray in my house.
  22. I use standard cleaning products in my house.
  23. I use standard soap and detergent for my skin and my clothes.
  24. I use toothpaste with fluoride.
  25. I eat in fast-food restaurants at least once a month.
  26. I eat in restaurants at least once a month.
  27. I eat products produced by large publicly traded corporations.
  28. I buy brand-name food products that are heavily advertised on TV.
  29. I eat food that is not certified 100-percent organic.
  30. I eat beef, lamb, poultry, eggs, and dairy products that are not certified 100-percent organic.
  31. I eat pork and shellfish.
  32. I use artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet or Splenda.
  33. I drink sodas at least several times a week.
  34. I drink diet sodas at least several times a week.
  35. I have less than two large bowel movements everyday.
  36. I have taken over-the-counter nonprescription drugs that I purchased at a drug store in my life.
  37. I have taken prescription drugs in the last five years.
  38. I use nonstick pans to cook with.
  39. I use deodorant and antiperspirant.
  40. I do not drink eight glasses of purified water every day.
  41. I have never had a colonic or enema.
  42. I live near high tension power lines.
  43. I live within a few miles of a manufacturing plant of some kind.
  44. I live within 100 miles of an agricultural area where produce is grown.
  45. I live within 100 miles of ranches where livestock, cattle, chickens, or other animals are raised.

This is just a quick list to hopefully open up your eyes to the fact that living a “normal life” absolutely results in mass toxins going in your body. Keep in mind this is a relatively new phenomena to the human species. One hundred years ago people were not exposed to all these toxins in our environment. One hundred years ago people were not loading themselves with massive amounts of toxins as we are today. Every single year the amount of toxins we put in our body increases. The amount of toxins in the air, in the water supply, and the food supply continually goes up. The amount of toxins surrounding our environment and our living spaces goes up. The amount of electromagnetic chaos goes up. The amount of nonprescription and prescription drugs goes up. The amount of chemicals used in the producing of our food goes up. The amount of toxins being force-fed to use by the large publicly traded corporations all in the name of profit continues to rise. So yes, you are absolutely toxic, and yes, by cleaning the toxins out you can see miraculous cures benefits.

Q. Is all brand-name popular food sold by publicly traded corporations bad?

A. Yes. Remember, natural food, organic food, is fine. It is when the profit motive becomes the main objective those foods stop being natural and is in effect manufactured. This is when it causes obesity and causes disease. When making a profit is involved above everything else, you can be assured that the food being produced is deadly. Think about the average farmer. He wants to produce some vegetables and make a profit. The problem is chemical companies bombard him with sales pitches telling Farmer Joe how he can increase his yield and increase his profits by using their fantastic chemicals. So Farmer Joe first buys hybrid, genetically modified seed that he is told will produce more crops faster and be germ resistant. The problem, of course, is this is an unnatural food that when consumed by a human being actually causes disease. Farmer Joe then has to use chemical fertilizers to make the vegetables grow at an unnaturally, unhealthy fast rate. He then sprays incredibly poisonous and deadly bug killers, pesticides, and herbicides on his vegetables. These are all absorbed into the vegetables and cannot be washed off. In order to make the vegetables look beautiful and last longer, they are picked before they are ripe and put into a gas chamber and sprayed with more chemicals. They are then shipped to the grocery store where they can last for days or weeks without spoiling or going bad. You then eat them. The problem is the whole process guarantees that the product is genetically modified, full of toxins and chemicals, devoid of any nutrients and, because of the irradiation, energetically changed, causing the food to be toxic to the body.

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