More Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

More answers to frequently asked questions



We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about diseases, drug companies, the medical community and more. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to give you an answer to your question.

Q: My doctor says I need drugs and/or surgery. What do I do?

A. Firstly we would encourage you to stop going to medical doctors who prescribe drugs and surgery. We would encourage you to get advice from licensed health-care practitioners who do not use drugs and surgery. We would encourage you to get three or four different opinions. This way you can make a proper informed decision. Your condition may be past the point of no return, where only drugs and surgery are effective at keeping you alive a little longer. However, we believe that any person who says that you “need” drugs and surgery is misinformed, unknowledgeable about natural methods, or simply trying to make money from you.

Q. Is there a difference between fitness and health?

A. Yes. A person can be very fit, but very unhealthy. Jim Fixx was a well-known runner who wrote a book called ‘The Complete Book of Running’. He dropped dead of a heart attack. He was very fit, but very unhealthy. There are other people who are unfit, they may be slightly overweight, they may not be very strong or flexible, yet are incredibly healthy and live to be well over 100 years old. Generally speaking, there is a balance between fitness and health. In order to be very healthy you have to be at least moderately fit; but you can be incredibly fit and still be very, very unhealthy, get many diseases, and die young. It is more important to be healthy than fit, but for those who want to look good in front of a mirror or in a bathing suit, being fit is more important. I believe in a balance between fitness and health, with health taking the number-one priority. If health is your number-one priority, your fitness level will probably be better than the vast majority of the population anyway.

Q. Aren’t charities, foundations, and health associations good?

A. Unfortunately, the answer is, in most cases, no. Every charity relating to the health-care industry, every foundation relating to health or disease, and every association relating to health or disease are only interested in increasing their own profits. It is sad, but true. These groups are in effect businesses. Their only objective is raising money. Their only objective is increasing awareness of their cause and getting more money donated. They do not want to wipe out the problem—they want to see it increase.

There is a problem with virtually every charity, every foundation, and every association. It is the same problem with the American Medical Association, the American Diabetes Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and all the charities and foundations that are associated with illnesses and diseases. They do not want to wipe out the illness and disease. They are only concerned with raising more money. If the disease was wiped out and cured, they would all be unnecessary, and all the individual people would lose their jobs, lose their power, lose their influence, and lose their huge incomes. It’s scary, but it’s true.

There will be several charities, foundations, and associations that will stand out above the rest. There will be, and there are, charities, foundations, and associations that are run by sincere, honest, ethical people who really have a true mission in life for the betterment of society. These organizations will be endorsed and recommended by me. As a member of Natural Cures or as a subscriber to the monthly newsletter, you will have access to, and the knowledge of, which foundations, associations, and charities to stay away from, and which ones are good.

Q. Isn’t real research being done on the cure and prevention of disease? Isn’t the government spending billions of dollars on this research? Don’t corporations and individuals donate money for this research?

A. This is one of the biggest frauds and deceptions put on the public. Yes, the government gives, and has given, billions of dollars for “research.” Yes, corporations give huge amounts for “research.” Yes, foundations give huge amounts of money for “research.” Yes, individuals donate huge amounts of money for “research.” However, the money is not being used to find a cure, or a way to prevent disease. The money is not being used to find the cause of disease. The money is only being used to find a PATENTABLE DRUG or PATENTABLE MEDICAL PROCEDURE that can be used in the TREATMENT of the disease! Researchers are not looking at the cause, and they are not looking at ways to prevent disease. They are only trying to find a patentable product that can be used to TREAT the disease! They are not looking for a cure. All the research being funded and done is so that the drug companies can own the patent on a product, sell it, and make billions of dollars in profits. There is absolutely no research being done on the real causes of disease. There is absolutely no research being done on any non-patentable natural method to prevent, treat, or cure disease! Never give money to anybody who is going to do “research” for medical purposes. You are only giving more money to the drug companies!

Q. Are there any Medical Doctors I can trust?

A. Natural Cures believe most people who got into the medical profession sincerely and genuinely wanted to help people. The problem is once you go to medical school you are in effect being trained by the drug industry. The only thing you are being taught is the use of drugs and surgery. You get virtually no training in the true cause of disease; you get virtually no training in how toxins cause disease and how drugs cause disease; you get virtually no training in how nutritional deficiencies cause disease; you get virtually no training in any method of the prevention or treatment of disease other than drugs or surgery. You have no information on essential oils or homeopathy. As a matter of fact, as a member of the American Medical Association, you are FORBIDDEN by its charter to use anything other than drugs and surgery! Once you are a medical doctor and a member of the AMA you cannot use homeopathic remedies, or essential oils, or any natural method to treat a patient! Therefore, medical doctors are caught between a rock and a hard place.

The other problem with medical doctors is that they are given huge financial incentives by the drug companies to increase their own personal wealth by prescribing drugs and performing surgeries.

As mentioned earlier in the Natural Cures book, medical doctors are experts at handling emergency life-threatening situations where time is of the essence. And as mentioned in the beginning of the book, if You’re in a horrible car accident, get to the closest emergency room and have a trained medical doctor use all of his skills and knowledge, and all the technology available to him, to save your life.

Q. How do I change my body pH from acid to alkaline?

A. There is a section on the website that addresses this issue. Click here to read the full article.

Q. Is there anyone in the medical community supporting Natural Cures, and do you have support from the general public and the natural health-care industry?

A. Natural Cures get overwhelming positive support across the world, from people, individuals, and organizations, from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all belief systems. We also have large numbers of critics and enemies that viciously attack because we are exposing the fraud and corruption in health care, government, and corporations. Because Natural Cures books and publications are costing the large publicly traded corporations huge profits, Natural Cures are being attacked from every side.

Q. Can we really get diseases just by breathing air?

A. Absolutely, yes. The Associated Press reports that toxic dust is a household threat! The article states that Americans are exposed to a variety of potentially dangerous chemicals in their homes from products such as computers, frying pans, shower curtains, cleaning chemicals, bug sprays, etc. A study found thirty-five hazardous industrial chemicals in household dust samples. This brings home the fact that hazardous chemicals are in our daily lives. All of these chemicals are known to be harmful to the immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. Infants and children are especially vulnerable! The lobbying group, the American Chemistry Council, which represents major chemical companies, made the insane statement “Just because a toxic substance is found in dust or in the body doesn’t necessarily mean it causes health problems.” This is why you need air filters and air cleaners and you must start using nontoxic, organic cleaners and other substances in your home. This also points out one of the leading causes of illnesses in infants and children.

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