Frequently Asked Questions About our Website

Frequently Asked Questions About our Website


Q: How do I change my password:

A. You can amend your password on the right hand side of the homepage by looking under ‘My Account’ and clicking on ‘Settings’

Q: Where can I buy….?

A. For a full list of products that we recommend, please follow this link:

Q: I can’t access the ‘Ask the Doctor’ area, please help me.

A. The Ask the Doctor area is only available to our premium members. As a free member, you will receive 90 % of the website free of charge. However, there are certain areas of the website which are restricted to paying members only,

as their subscriptions cover the additional cost to run these areas. If you would like to upgrade, look at some of the other membership offers click here.

Q: How much Hydrogen Peroxide should I be taking?

A.  For details on how much to add to your bath, or how many drops to add to distilled drinking water, click here:

Q: Where can I find more information on cleanses?

A. We have a full section packed with a wealth of information on cleanses and detoxes. Follow this link for a healthy new you.

Q: I didn’t receive my log in details

A. Have you looked in your spam folder? Our email could be in there. If not, please send us an email here

Q: Do you have a cure for …..?

A. To access our ‘Find a cure’ section, scroll down the homepage. On the right hand side under ‘Find a Cure’ click on ‘’View all cures’. Click the letter your illness begins with. For Example, ‘N’ for ‘Nerve damage’ Alternatively, you an use the site search engine facility. This can be located just under your picture on the homepage.

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