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  • McCombs Candida Plan

    Months 2-4 Supply 25% Discount
    Candida expert and blog contributor, Dr Jeff McCombs is the world’s foremost authority on systemic candida. Get 25% off month’s 2-4 supply of McCombs’ 16-week Candida plan.

  • Organic Cook Book & Organic Meal Plans

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    Buy the Deliciously Organic cookbook and receive 6 months’ worth of Deliciously Organic® meal plans. Enjoy $15 off with the coupon code ORGANIC06 and plan meals that work for you – choose from three options: classic, gluten-free and grain-free.

  • Organic Meal Plans

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    How do you eat organic, real, unprocessed food on a daily basis without completely stressing out? Try the Deliciously Organic meal plans with 30% off by entering the code ORGANIC30 at checkout.

  • Circle & Bloom Women’s Health

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    Offering empowering mind-body programs, Circle+Bloom’s guided visualizations can help patients not only manage infertility, but many other health issues to find happiness and wellness. Enjoy 40% off today with the coupon code NATURALCURES.

  • Natural Wonder Pet products

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    Avoid toxic chemicals, empty nutritional claims and diminished quality of life and instead take the high road to natural abundance, radiant good health, primal longevity, and peak performance with 15% of Natural Wonder Pet products with the code NC1511.

  • Infrared Saunas

    Discount CODE: Sauna, for $400 discount plus FREE Shipping
    One of the least costly, safest and most powerful ways to eliminate toxic metals, toxic chemicals and infections and enjoy an infrared sauna with a fantastic discount.

  • Ionizer Plus

    Mention Natural Cures when ordering
    Can simply changing your drinking water make a significant impact on your health? It can. The water from the Ionizer Plus accelerates hydration, increases mineral absorption, provides an anti-oxidant boost, and balances the digestive system – don’t forget to mention Natural Cures when ordering for your exclusive discount.

  • Baby Mantra

    5% discount, Coupon Code NCURE
    Made from all-natural and organic ingredients, Baby Mantra hosts an entire product line of baby lotions, baby oils, Mommy Body butter, shampoo and body wash all tested and approved by Nupoor and her beautiful baby girls – receive 5% off your order today by quoting NCURE at the checkout.

  • Wondercurl

    10% discount, Coupon Code NCURE10
    Bringing you products that work together to give your naturally curly hair the moisture and definition that it craves, Wondercurl is offering you 10% off with the code NCURE10.

  • Ewater – Shower Filter

    Shower Filter with 25% off retail, Coupon Code: NCNEW
    Fred Van Liew, known as “The Water Doctor,” is a pioneer in the natural health industry and as a businessman. In 1986, after nearly losing his third child to fluoride poisoning, his personal research into all kinds of water treatment quickly propelled him to become the most reliable expert for health professionals. Enjoy a host of fantastic discounts as a NaturalCures member!