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  • Ewater – Big Boss Air Purifiers

    Big Boss Air Purifiers with 25% off retail, Coupon Code: NCNEW
    With the capability to handle larger living areas, the great value Big Boss Air Purifier has 25% off -just for you. Simply enter the code NCNEW at checkout and enjoy fresh and healthy-smelling air in the home.

  • Ewater – Refrigerator ECrystal

    Refrigerator ECrystal – 25% off retail, Coupon Code: NCNEW
    For 25% off the RRP of the fantastic eCrsytal – which can be placed in the refrigerator to boost food energy before it spoils or rots – just enter the coupon code NCNEW at the online checkout.

  • Ewater – EP2 Pendant

    EP2 with Free eDot – $119
    Get two fantastic pieces of alternative equipment for one great price – the EP2 stress-reducing pendant can be worn around your neck to bring harmony and serenity, and the eDot easily attaches to your cellphone and is a great EMR blocker.

  • EMC2

    10% off, Coupon Code: Tony
    Remove imbalance from your consciousness with the Healing Aim Program – now with 10% off for NaturalCures members – simply quote the code Tony at the online checkout.

  • Stemcell Research

    50% Off Shipping anywhere in the world, Coupon Code naturalcures
    Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray is a natural health supplement that aligns with today’s new science – get yours with 50% off shipping anywhere in the world with the code naturalcures – just enter it at the online checkout.

  • Raw Hair Organics

    20% Off, Coupon Code naturalcures
    The mission of Raw Hair by Melanie is to provide professional, healthy hair care services without the use of toxins, dangerous synthetics or harmful chemicals – get 20% off by entering ‘naturalcures’ into the checkout.

  • Collodial Silver

    10% Off, Coupon Code naturalcures
    Since 1994, Natural Path / Silver Wings’ has provided our consumers with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade of colloidal silver – beneficial for health. Just enter naturalcures at the checkout for 10% off.

  • Conscious Food

    5.00, Coupon Code NAT1112
    Conscious Food provides award-winning food of the highest quality, in its most natural state, to enhance the health and quality of life. Now you can get a $5 discount with the code NAT1112.